Σεξουαλικές φαντασιώσεις και τηλεφωνικό σεξ με γυναίκες στο κινητό σου

Are you honest with him?


So, now you’ve finally found the ‘One’ and both of you are thinking about the future. Now is the time to tell him and to be honest about everything that you are telling him. For instance, telling him the truth would be a good point to start on especially on the following important points like:

Your feelings about his circle: if you are going to pretend to like his family or friend circle and yet expect him to know that you aren’t comfortable hanging around with them, stop dreaming. Men are not capable of understanding the underlying thoughts and feelings of a woman if she’s pretending to love something she doesn’t. Before things become complicated, tell him how you really feel about his circle. According to recent studies and statistics, 11 per cent of the relationships are broken due to irritating relative and annoying friends and you surely don’t want to end up as one in them.

Your bedroom likes and dislikes: faking your interests and likes in the bedroom just to get him out a ring on your finger is devastating. Don’t do or try doing something that you don’t love doing. Lying in this area will practically turn out to be dangerous and can also put your relationship at stake.

Your Natural Beauty: it may be hard to believe but it is a well known fact that men love seeing women looking beautiful, be it completely with the help of make-up or real beauty. Though they can easily be fooled by make-up, pretty dresses, sexy shades and hues or high heels, they do deeply appreciate natural beauty. So before it’s too late, let them in on the little secret of how you look without your make-up and how confident you are about how you look.

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Your future plans: women usually start their relationship saying and pretending to have a great motivation for a successful career. While this might be true in some cases, most women tend to become housewives after getting married having the interest of the best for the family at heart. If you have a passion to work, or to study more or even be a soccer mom, tell him that! Men have these pictures of their ‘ideal family’ in their heads and hence expect to know about your future goals and interests. Don’t surprise him, keep him informed.

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