Σεξουαλικές φαντασιώσεις και τηλεφωνικό σεξ με γυναίκες στο κινητό σου

A day called Valentines

The single day that tests a lover of his or her true intentions. Valentine’s Day is celebrated all across the world. People find different way to express their love. Many believe this to be the perfect day to propose to their lover.Historically speaking, it was sort of named after St. Valentine who was known in his time for his selfless acts of love, especially, when he healed the blind daughter of the Roman Emperor Claudius after being sentenced to be executed by the same. So it came to be known as the day of love or rather a day for lovers! On this day people give out a variety of gifts….the cost of the gifts becomes irrelevant. Studies show that the kind of gifts that are offered often hint at the intentions of the giver. So what are you giving your love this Valentine’s? Here are a few ideas:Exotic Perfumes:

Perfumes are always a perfect gift on any occasion but on valentine’s, the reason becomes more enchanting. Women like different kinds of smells so find out what she likes and buy her the perfect fragrance from florals, oriental, citrus and so many more.

Silk or cotton bed spreads:

This will hint your partner that you want to spend more time with them in bed. Make it more romantic by picking up sexy colors in silk.


Gifting lingerie to a woman will always keep ‘you’ happy(if you know what I mean). It’s a great gift option! This will not only treat your eyes but also put an end to your fantasies and make it reality!

Δες και αυτό  Πώς να βρω τον πλούσιο γαμπρό;


These are a classic option as a gift for Valentine ’s Day. Gift your loved one with flowers or use them in many fashions possible! Surprise her by decorating the bed with petals, give her a bouquet, present her with many baskets of flowers, and so on. And you have a wide variety to choose from, you can settle for the classic ad basic flowers: red roses, or gift her something more unique like orchids or tulips or may be even combine all the flowers into a unique bouquet!

Call to phone sex for pleasure. Just for man. 😉

Valentine’s is considered to be the most romantic day in the year. Do what you have to, to make it special and memorable not to forget, intimate.